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Wyoming, August, 2001

The second week of August, Kyle Burrell, Duane Stalnaker and I spent a wonderful week in Wyoming.  While we were there, we all qualified for the "Wyoming Cutthroat Slam."  The Cut Slam is a conservation program instituted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Division to increase awareness of the four sub-species of cutthroat native to Wyoming: the Bonneville (once thought to be extinct), the Yellowstone, the Snake River and the Colorado River.  These subspecies evolved over the eons in separate drainages.  The sub-species are differentiated by the patterns of the spots.

We were also treated to wonderful vistas, wildlife and fellowship while we stayed with Butch Martin in the Green River Valley near Pinedale, WY.  We hope you enjoy the photos and plan your own trip in the near future.  Butch guides in the area and can be contacted at Unicoi Outfitters in Helen, GA during the winter:  flyfish@unicoioutfitters.com

          Bonneville Cut from Salt Creek.jpg (38306 bytes)                David's Yellowstone River Cut.jpg (32433 bytes)   Snake River Cut, 2.jpg (35557 bytes)                    Colorado Cut and Rod.jpg (42332 bytes)
            Bonneville Cut from             Yellowstone Cut from        Snake River Cut            Colorado River Cut caught
            Salt Creek                           the Yellowstone River                                              on a 7'9" 3 wt. Accelerator

       Kyle Releasing Yellowstone Cut.jpg (26028 bytes)         Buffalo in Yellowstone.jpg (31688 bytes)                        Kyle on a Cut River.jpg (16444 bytes)            Small Creek Brookie.jpg (62476 bytes)
         Kyle releasing a        Yellowstone Bison                                           Fishin' Kyle             Small Creek Brookie
         Yellowstone Cut                                                                                                                          

         Salt Creek Sign.jpg (44042 bytes)                  Headin' to the Meadow.jpg (24103 bytes)                     Starting Out.jpg (30160 bytes)    David in a Meadow.jpg (36009 bytes)
                   Salt Creek Sign                Meadow fishin'              Duane, Kyle and David       David heading to a
                                                                                                       The first Day                   meadow

            Float Fishing.jpg (22918 bytes)                     View on Green River.jpg (21605 bytes)             wyoming vista.jpg (24406 bytes)         
           Floating the Green               Views from the float trip                    Wonderful Views
           Wyoming Sunset1.jpg (14102 bytes)                       Butch's Cabin.jpg (26996 bytes)     Closeup of Colorado Cut.jpg (44879 bytes)  
                   Beautiful                               Our host's place                  Colorado Cut

Contact Information:  David Edens, e-mail: Blue Ridge Rods

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