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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site or product line. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Updated, August 2008

  • Blue Ridge Rods proudly announces the introduction of their fully milled bar stock aluminum disc drag fly reels at  truly affordable prices.  Also introducing our line of quality floating fly lines available in line weights 4-8 for an unbelievable $16.00!  Check it out:  Blue Ridge Reels and Lines

  • The owner, David Edens, recently passed the examination by the Federation of Fly Fishers as a Certified Fly Casting Instructor.  This certification process includes a rigorous written examination and practical teaching/casting demonstration.  This certification helps David to be even more critical of our rods as well as ensuring they are all easy casting.  Check out the Federation of Fly Fishers web site for more information.  Congratulations, David.

  • Blue Ridge Rods proudly introduces three new series of four piece rods and blanks, completely reworking our product offering:
    • Blue Ridge Tail-Water Series Rods and blanks.  Extremely light, fast action rods and blanks designed for fishing. Continuous external taper, combined with multi internal tapers and multi-modulus graphite, these ultra light, fast action rods are designed to work at rated line weights.  They handle great at 30' and can shoot line 100'.  Built with our TiCh ceramic guides, custom grips and nickel silver reel seats with mortised exotic wood inserts, these rods are truly top of the line at value prices.
    • Blue Ridge Balsam Mountain Series Rods and blanks.  Very light, moderately fast DSCN0472.JPG (178807 bytes) action rods and blanks for the angler that has a more relaxed casting style.  Designed like the Tail Water Series, these rods combine multi internal tapers with state of the art graphite and resin systems to produce a rod that is  equally at home throwing 30' or 100' of line.  Built with ceramic stainless guides, nickel silver plated reel seats with fine wood inserts and flor grade grips, these rods offer more value than any other rod on the market.  Click on the thumbnail to see the quality and value of these rods as reflected by the reel seat we use on them.

    • Blue Ridge Caster Series Rods and blanks.  Light, moderate to moderately fast action rods and blanks for the budget minded angler.  These modern, intermediate graphite rods are finished to deep, navy blue.  The cosmetic package economically accents this color with black plated, stainless steel stripper guides with blue rings, black plated, stainless steel single foot wire guides.  All reel seats feature  exotic wood inserts.  These rods offer the most value of any rod in the $150.00 to $200.00 price range. 
  • New and Innovative:  Reel seats designed to adjust so you can properly balance the reel with the adjustable reel seat and inlayed grip.jpg (678257 bytes) rod without adding extra weight.  The old fashioned way to balance a rod is to add weight at the butt, defeating the purpose of fishing with a light rod.  With these custom reel seats you can position the reel closer or farther from the butt of the rod, moving the center of gravity of the rod backward or forward.  This enables you to adjust the rod to your preference of  balance.  Coupled with our custom turned woods, once again, Blue Ridge Rods, offers you something no one else does.  Click the thumbnail to see this innovation.

  • Close-up photos of our components.  See the quality!! Click the hyper link: "Reel Seats and Grips"

  • Attention: Small Stream Specialists and Backpackers.  We have broadened our line of small stream multi-piece rods.  
    Blue Ridge Rods
    continues to expand on this area most often overlooked by major manufacturers.
    The 6 1/2' 2/3 wt., 4 piece Caster Series.  Intermediate modulus rod that loads well at short distances.
    The 6 1/2' 3 wt, 3 PIECE Accelerator Series
    .  High Modulus, light as a feather and moderately fast action these rods load quick and close.  
    The 7' 4 Piece 3/4 Blue Ridge Series Rod
    .  IM6, Moderately fast action and value priced.
    The 7' 4 Piece 3 wt Lamiglas Glass rod.  Modern glass, moderate action, light and smooth.

  •  New:  Titanium Carbide Coated Zirconium Ring Ceramic Guides.  This is a fancy way of TiCh Zirconium guides.jpg (31247 bytes)saying we now offer state of the art guides that offer all the advantages of SIC at a fraction of the cost.  These guides are finished to complement the shiny smoke finish reel seats we have developed and the matte black blanks of the Smoky Mountain and Accelerator rods.  They will make your new Blue Ridge Rod shoot line like a rocket.  Available on all rods at a nominal upgrade price.  Try 'em, you'll like 'em.

  • Smoky Mountain 5' 3 and 4 wt and 5 1/2' 4 wt. starting at $195.00.  Compare these rods to rods offered by major manufacturers at $450.00.  Blue Ridge Rods is continuously trying to satisfy the needs of small stream anglers which are often overlooked by the major manufacturers.

  • Blue Ridge Smoky Mountain Rods: Moderately Fast Action rods built on US made graphite blanks.  These are slim, powerful rods that are light and easy to cast.  Very moderately priced! 

  • Because of customer requests, the Blue Ridge Rod blank is now available in a 6' 2/3 wt.  These rods and blanks are perfect for the brook trout angler who stalks these brilliant, native fish in the headwaters of Appalachian streams and rivers.  Rods this size are not readily available from the traditional rod companies.  Blue Ridge Rods is trying to fill the needs of small stream anglers. 

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