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Component, Rod and Grip Photos
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Dyed Burl Cork Reel Seat.jpg (4733 bytes)
       holographic sparkles.jpg (21732 bytes)    Graphite insert.jpg (29446 bytes)    

                            Dyed Burl Cork          Holographic Sparkles for a                     Fuji Hoods and Woven Graphite insert.
                            Reel Seat                    Stripper guide and holographic tipping     Great for Salt or Fresh water applications            

Salt Water Reel Seat.jpg (31165 bytes)         Ceramic Guide.jpg (17115 bytes)            Single Foot Wire Guide.jpg (9555 bytes)         Copy of Spalted Maple and Crotch Walnut Reel Seats.jpg (46852 bytes)    
Full Wells Grip, Salt Water Reel Seat     Ceramic guide,         Single Foot Wire   Custom turned Spalted     Inlayed grip with tiger maple,
Clown Nose Fighting Butt and STH        Green Wrap on a       Guide, Green         Maple and Crotch            box elder burl and cocobolo
Lever Disc Drag Reel                        Cedar blank w/ red      Wrap w/ Purple     Walnut Reel Seat inserts        reel seat inserts.
                                                    metallic tipping.             metallic tipping.   

Natural Burl Cork Reel Seat.jpg (22294 bytes)     Flor Grade grip and rings.jpg (16394 bytes)    Curly Maple Reel Seats.jpg (105556 bytes)       
Custom turned, natural burl cork reel seat         Custom turned Flor Grade grip,           Custom turned         Stabilized, mortised burl
                                                                       1/4" cork rings, and natural burl        Curly Maple Reel      cherry nickel silver reel seat.
                                                                        burl reel seat.                                      Seats

Struble skeleton and burl maple reel seat with Ayre reel.jpg (40895 bytes)            Pewter and Ebony Reel Seats.jpg (49069 bytes)           inlayed grip with burl black ash reel seat.jpg (44581 bytes)        
A custom turned burl Maple reel     Pewter Finish and Ebony                 Inlayed custom grip w/         Custom Casting Rod
seat on a Struble Nickel Silver       Reel Seats.  These look great           hand turned stabilized                  Grip.
Skeleton with a custom turned      on the Matte Black Blanks with         black ash burl reel seat
burl cork inlay Flor Grade Grip.     TiCh guides and Metallic                   with Struble U24 nickel
See how fancy you can get!!!        Pewter Wraps w/ Pearl tipping.       silver skeleton. Beautiful!!

Split grip spinning rod.jpg (37389 bytes)                 Vertical Custom Grip, Fighting Butt and STH Salt 3 reel.jpg (23833 bytes)       Custom Grip, Fighting Butt and STH Salt 3 reel.jpg (28589 bytes)             
Split grip on an Accelerator            Two views of a custom grip, turned for Travis, STH Salt      Close up of birch bark and
spinning rod w/ inlayed cork          3 cassette reel and custom fighting butt.  The rod is built     inlayed exotic cork grip.
and custom turned stabilized          a Sage 9' three piece 9 wt RPLXI.  The reel seat is graphite   
maple burl reel seat.  Spinning        with graphite hoods.  The fighting butt is turned on a special 
rods can be beautiful too!!!            locking hood yielding a truly unique, salt water proof set up.

holographic sparkles.jpg (21732 bytes)     TICH guide and holographic sparkles.jpg (22241 bytes)                         Custom grip and CA Buckeye Burl reel seat.jpg (20832 bytes)             
TiCh guide w/ holographic sparkles in               Custom Cigar grip and California            Birch Bark and exotic
the epoxy over the guide wraps and                  Buckeye burl  reel seat insert on a           cork inlayed grip
holographic thread trim bands. Snazzy!             7' 3/4 wt. Blue Ridge Series blank.

Steelhead rod.jpg (32157 bytes)       adjustable reel seat and inlayed grip.jpg (39480 bytes)                        
Check out the butt wrap on this       Reel seats adjustable for    Checkerboard and     Nickel Silver reel seat
Steelhead/Redfish rod.                   Perfect balance.                Diamond inlayed grip   with box elder burl,
                                                                                                                              tiger maple and cocobolo


Lamiglas 7 1/2' classic 3 piece 4 weight Fiberglass rod w/ custom grip, custom amboynia burl insert, custom amboynia butt cap, Adgate stripper guide w/ Snake Brand double foot strippers.  A modern Classic.

A unique split, stabilized palm burl reel seat
 with my signature integral fighting butt
and inlayed grip.  Different and beautiful.

Contact Information:  David Edens, e-mail: Blue Ridge Rodsfly

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