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Wyoming 2002

This year we re-visited Southwestern Wyoming, near Pinedale.  Our crew consisted of Kyle Burrell, Duane Stalnaker and Metrela Brown.  We enjoyed great fishing and wonderful scenery.  We were treated to more hospitality by Butch Martin.  Butch guides in the area in the summer.  Plan a trip with him.  See his contact information under Wyoming 2001.  Once again the 9' 5 wt, 4 piece Accelerator was the rod of choice.  If you go, remember to take a 7'9" Accelerator 3 wt. to enjoy some fantastic small stream fishing.  Enjoy the photos.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture.

            Snake River sub-species cutt.jpg (42025 bytes)      Beautiful Water.jpg (38213 bytes)        Flattop Mountain.jpg (14418 bytes)

            Kyle Posing.jpg (36958 bytes)     Meadow Creek.jpg (46565 bytes)        Kyle and Metrela resting.jpg (39056 bytes) 

            Small Creek Brookie.jpg (34416 bytes)    Wind River Mountains.jpg (53898 bytes)    David with a Colorado Cut.jpg (28405 bytes)    Brookie Stream.jpg (34232 bytes)

            More Great Water.jpg (40101 bytes)    Kyle Posing.jpg (36958 bytes)          Metrela at a Meadow.jpg (17958 bytes)

           Wind River Mountains.jpg (53898 bytes)    Kyle with a Cutt.jpg (48003 bytes)    More beautiful water.jpg (39786 bytes)


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