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Blue Ridge "Blem" Blank Rods

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I always wanted to fish with the highest quality rods available.  However, I could never afford the high modulus, fast action fly rods made by the major rod companies.  Four to Five Hundred Dollars is beyond my reach.  When I discovered the benefits of fishing with rods built on blemished G. Loomis blanks, I was elated.  I wanted to share these benefits with others, hence Blue Ridge Rods was born to bring high performance, superbly crafted rods to anglers at reasonable prices.  Rods built on these blanks perform like they were built on first quality blanks.

Key Benefits

  • This is your custom rod.  You specify the components: grip style, reel seat, guide type, thread color as well as weight and length.
  • You get the feel and action of a $400.00 to $500.00 rod for $250.00.
  • The quality of the workmanship and components are equal to or better than factory produced rods.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are not happy with the rod, return it before you fish with it for a full, no questions asked, refund.

Pricing Examples:  All Fast Action "IMX" type rods.  E-Mail us with your specific needs for an exact, customized quote.

Unfortunately, few of these blanks are available.  I have several 7 1/2' 3 and 4 wts, and a few longer, heavier blanks left.  Look at the Accelerator and Blue Ridge Series rods for a comparable rod built on a first quality blank. Blue Ridge, Smoky Mountain and Accelerator series

Description   Price
Custom Grade:  9' 5wt w/ round hood seat, Select grade cork and ceramic guides, w/ trim wraps and butt "inch" wraps to 18"   $250.00
Angler Grade:  8' 4 wt w/ round hood seat,  Select grade cork and ceramic guides, w/out trim wraps and butt inch wraps only to 14"   $225.00
Custom Grade: 9' 8 wt w/ Salt Water seat, Select Grade full wells grip w/ removable fighting, Stainless, oversized, Ceramic Guides, trim wraps, and butt inch wraps to 18"   $275.00

Most lengths and sizes are available.  This is your custom rod.  E-mail for availability, Series description and an exact quote.  Rod kits also available.  E-mail for a quote.  Rod delivery is approximately four weeks.  We build the rod for you in Athens, GA.

Blanks range in price from $65.00 to $85.00.  They are approximately $8.50 per foot.  E-mail me for an exact quote.


Home Up Blue Ridge Reels "Blem" Blank Rods Tailwater, Balsam and Caster Series Accelerator, Smoky Mtn and Blue Ridge Series

E-Mail for Information: David Edens, E-mail: Blue Ridge Rods