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Blue Ridge Rods is a value oriented custom rod shop.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality, custom built, most affordable fly rods, spinning rods, customized salt water rods, and rod components available on a global basis.  We accomplish our mission by:

Kal's Sacramento Bow.jpg (14537 bytes)1.  Sourcing our products on a worldwide basis, dealing directly with world class manufacturers.
2.  Distributing our products directly to our customers.
3. Providing personal, world class service and delivery.
4.  Ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our products.
5.  Having available cosmetically blemished blanks from major manufacturers to give our customers high performance rods at reasonable prices.

Kal with a pig of a Sacramento River 'bow caught during our March 2002 trip. Click on the picture for a full size view.

Sit back, relax and visit all of the pages to see some of the highest quality, most affordable fly rods available in the world today.  When you are finished, please e-mail us for more information on our making your custom rod or your building your own rod from our world class components.  While we specialize in fly rods, we also custom make affordable, high performance spinning and casting rods.

Follow the links below for more information.  Go to Rod and Component Photos to see some of the best workmanship and innovation available in custom rods today then go to New Rod Series to see our newest offerings.

You have to check out our new line of fully milled, disc drag, bar stock fly reels starting at $97.95 and our own fly lines for only $16.00.  Order only the reel; but if you are ordering a rod, don't miss this opportunity to make up a complete rod, reel and line combo at truly great savings.  Blue Ridge Reels and Lines

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Products News Links FAQ'S Photo Album 

Introducing our new Rod Series built on Blanks by Batson Enterprises:  Tail Water Series, Balsam Mountain Series and Caster Series.  These new rods revolutionize value and performance in custom rods.  The Tail Water Series offers fast action, high performance found in "XP" and "GLX" type $600+ rods starting at $525.00.  The Balsam Mountain Series offers value and performance similar to "SLT" type rods.    Here is some feedback received from a good customer, "Here are some of my thoughts for feedback:  the Balsam mountain is very Sage-like (VPS or SLT, as my son in law has the same size rod in a VPS), but is finished off a lot better."                     Check them out click here for our "New Rod Series."

David is certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers as a Certified Fly Casting Instructor.  See the News page for details.

 Check our the  Rod and Component Photos for photos of custom inlayed grips, birch bark grips and new reel seats and inserts.

            Custom Grip, Fighting Butt and STH Salt 3 reel.jpg (28589 bytes)     Ceramic Guide.jpg (12692 bytes)      Flor Grade grip and rings.jpg (16394 bytes)
These are some photos of the quality, fit and finish we offer on any rod.
Click on the photos to view the full size picture.

David is a Custom Rod Builder's Guild, Certified Professional Rod Builder.    This certification means that you can trust your rod will be correctly and professionally built.  Visit the Rod Guild home page by clicking on their logo.

Here are some letters received from customers: 

This comment was recently received from a customer in Great Britain.  With the weakness of the Dollar against the European currencies, Blue Ridge Rods offer even more value.  Shipping is only about $30.00..........the rod had arrived. I am over the moon with the finished product and would like to say a huge thank you for all you have done ,good product ,great communication throughout and an all round excellent service.  This is Ian's first Blue Ridge Rod.  He ordered a 9' 5 wt, 4 piece Smoky Mountain Series.  I am sure he will be back for more.

It was 55 degrees up North in PA, so took out the ACCELERATOR(sounds like Nascar), and had a ton of fun casting a very sweet rod.  It was like being laser guided, and nailed a 15 inch Brookie on a Klinkhammer Olive size 22.   This is an comment from a repeat customer in January 2006 from  Pennsylvania fishing a 3 piece 6 1/2' 3 wt Accelerator.  Jeff also has a 9' 4 piece 5 wt Balsam Mountain Series rod.

I absolutely love the rod. It has a great feel and it looks beautiful. It is very light and the action is great. It seems like I can cast a mile. Heads over heals further than I could cast my old rod. The burl cork you decided on is wonderful, and the grip itself is perfect. You really should be proud of your work. I know I am proud to own it.....I love the rod and it will spend many more hours on the water. Thank you for your honesty and hard work. I will recommend you to everyone who wants a high quality rod. I hope someday our paths cross. I would like to shake your hand. You do wonderful work and I really appreciate it.
Thank you very much,

A recent note received from a new customer in Minnesota after receiving his Smoky Mountain 9' 5 wt.:

As before, I am extremely pleased with the high quality workmanship and beauty of the 5 1/2 ft. 4 wt. rod.  I will never buy another "commercial" rod.  You are my rod maker from now on. This is a very appreciated comment from a repeat customer

I've completed the 6 ˝ foot Accelerator blank and components I bought from you.  I'm delighted!...I've added an Orvis Rocky Mountain reel with a 2/3 Wulff triangle taper line and it casts great.  I can't believe what a nice-tight loop can be thrown with a short line -- even in the wind!...I'm sure it will become my rod of choice for small stream fishing.  Thanks once again for an excellent value blank and components.   You've met your stated goal of providing top-quality blanks and components at a price point that makes it attractive to people like me who don't want to invest $400-$600 and yet want to be able to cast the best.  I also appreciate how easy you made it to work through your business.
We have provided Jon and his friends several rod kits.  The most recent is the 6 1/2' 2/3 wt. Accelerator.

I just opened the packages with the rod and reel you made for me.  Wow!!!  The rod is absolutely beautiful.  I really like it a lot.  The reel is a perfect match for rod size and the nickel-silver seat.  You did a first class job on the rod, and I can't wait to use it.  My wife and I are going to ... NC, over the Fourth of July holidays.  I should get a chance to give the rod a workout on some of the local brookie streams there.... I definitely will have you build more rods for me in the future...I feel privileged to own such a high quality rod.
Best Regards,
Tom Johnson
We built Tom a Smoky Mountain 5' 3 wt. with inlayed grip, stabilized black ash burl reel seat, complete with a Redington 2/3 CT reel and 3 wt line.   The grip is pictured on the "Rods and Components" picture page.  

David - Thank you for creating such a wonderful rod for my fiancé - he is really pleased with it.  He took it to the Hooch yesterday - he said that he caught a lot of fish and he can "cast for miles".  He took his new rod to Orvis to find a reel for it and the guys working there were also quite impressed with it!  I really appreciate you getting it finished early - I was so excited about giving Belfield his new rod that it would have been difficult to wait until our wedding day.  Take care and we will be in touch soon - Belfield will teach me how to fly fish on our honeymoon.  Take care! 
Nicole had a 9' 5 wt 4 piece Accelerator rod built for her fiancé'.  What a wonderful wedding present!!!

Hey David,
I just wanted to let you know that I took my new rod to the Helen area last weekend for its first trip and it was wonderful. The rod is exactly what I pictured and it casts like a dream, of course I need to practice but the rod did what it could with what it had to work with. I want everyone to know what a professional job you do on these rods and if anyone is considering a new rod purchase they should look at all you have to offer. I look forward to designing my next rod with you.
Thanks for working with me and the personal attention you give it is a real plus!!
Thanks again,
Billy Caddell, Washington, GA"

We have built Billy  a 7 1/2' 3 wt. Blue Ridge Rod on a Loomis blem, a 9' 4/5wt 4 piece Blue Ridge Rod and a 6 1/2' 2/3 Blue Ridge Rod built on a Cedar blank. He recently started building his own rods on a 7 1/2' 4 piece 3/4 Blue Ridge rod blank.

This is another note recently received from a customer in West Virginia:
"David, You out did yourself with this rod. It really looks nice and casts great. What a beautiful piece of work. You must have some skilled hands. I am proud to own this fly rod.
We have built Cliff a 7' 3/4 Blue Ridge Rod and a 9' 6 wt. Blue Ridge Rod on a Cedar blank.

A note recently received from Don Davis in Georgia who has purchased several blanks and components:
"I can't tell you how much I've appreciated the help, info, tips and simply your interest during my home projects. Without that personal connection, I don't know that I'd have taken the plunge. This has been incredibly rewarding, from the initial planning of what I needed/wanted/can afford, to the execution, to the actual fishing with a rod that fits me like nothing off the shelf. I am in awe of your ability to do that for other people!"


Come on in and check out our rods, components and prices!!.  Just click on "Rods and Components"

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Contact Information:  David Edens,

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