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All fish were caught using a Blue Ridge Rod.  E-mail us your picture with a fish caught with your Blue Ridge Rod, and we will post it on our web site.

Click on "Rod and Seat" for close-up pictures of our components. Lot's of new pictures have been added on grips, seats and guides.  Check it out "Rod and Seat".

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     Small Nacoochee Rainbow compressed.jpg (40300 bytes)            bow on a five weight.jpg (30970 bytes)                               Nacoochee Rainbow.jpg (77170 bytes)

     David with  nice North Georgia rainbows caught on                        Nacoochee Bend Rainbow
     a ten foot 5 wt. Cedar Blank Blue Ridge Rod.                                caught on a 9' 6 wt. 
     It is the  perfect "high sticking" nymph rod.                                      Loomis blem. 
These fish were all caught at Nacoochee Bend, a trophy trout fishery on the Chattahoochee River in North Georgia.  Nacoochee Bend is managed by Unicoi Outfitters of Helen, GA.  Nacoochee Bend was recently featured
on ESPN's Fly Fish America.  Unicoi Outfitters carries Blue Ridge Rod's 6' 2/3 wt. rod.  Check out their shop in Helen, GA or visit their web site at  www.unicoioutfitters.com.  Make sure you try fishing Nacoochee bend.

 Rainbow_trout.jpg (24391 bytes)         vertical_rods_fixed.JPG (57657 bytes)            Alaska Bow.jpg (32058 bytes)    Copy of Chatooga.jpg (26148 bytes)

  A Nice Blue Ridge                    Round Hood Reel                    Alaska 'Bow                          My favorite river in              
                               Seats and grips                                                                North Georgia   

 Alaska Chum Salmon.JPG (170657 bytes)       mackerel.jpg (117927 bytes)            king salmon.jpg (35394 bytes)`         Yona Shunga.jpg (49981 bytes)
David with a nice Koktuli                 Kyle with a Florida                   David with a nice               A favorite pool on my
River Chum Salmon                         Spanish Mackerel                    King Salmon caught            favorite river.
                                                     using a Blue Ridge                  on a Blue Ridge blem
                                                      od and STH reel                     9' 8 wt and STH reel.

Hank_Silver_for_BRR_Copy_1.jpg (40298 bytes)       Phil with Chum.JPG (158342 bytes)           grips&seats&rods.JPG (139872 bytes)    Big Chattahoochee Brown.jpg (15689 bytes)
Hank w/ a Silver.  This was                  Phil with a nice                   Additional pictures of               David with a big, wild  
such a great picture, I had                    Chum Salmon                      available grips and                  Chattahoochee River Brown
to include it again!                                                                         reel seats.                           caught just outside Atlanta.
chum on a six wt.JPG (371046 bytes)     charlies silver.JPG (250343 bytes)   frying_pan_brown.jpg (29481 bytes)
Chum on a 6 wt.                 Charlie's Silver             David's Frying Pan brown,
                                                                                 a small one             

Hanks Chum.JPG (402686 bytes)         teds first.JPG (247345 bytes)          lake_creek_white_water.jpg (19547 bytes)
Hank's Chum                         Ted's first on                     Lake Creek Whitewater,   
                                           his Blue Ridge Rod             ten miles of it.

lake_creek_crew_99.JPG (51915 bytes)            David's Red.jpg (20667 bytes)    Danny Jue's Bow.jpg (32087 bytes)
  Lake Creek 99 crew          David's Red from Lake    Danny Jue's bow caught on a 9' 6 wt.,
                                          Creek, August 2000        Cedar Blanks Blue Ridge Rod 
Skinny Water.jpg (27599 bytes)          Skinny Water Brown.jpg (25832 bytes)         Rich's Young's big rainbow.gif (30483 bytes)           Frank's 7 .5 lb rainbow.jpg (33376 bytes)
N. Georgia Stream              N. GA Brown and short     Blue Ridge "blem" rods        A nice Missouri
                                        2 wt. Blue Ridge Rod        catch big fish!!!!!                    rainbow.


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